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PerfektService.dk was founded in 2005 and is owned 100% by the married couple Loveth and Collins Omokaro.

The company currently has 20 permanent cleaning assistants. We deal with, among other things, cleaning for private and business, window cleaning, garden services, property services, staircases and more.

The main emphasis of the company’s employment is cleaning.

Cleaning is a trust case, so we make great efforts that our customers can surely leave the assignment to us. With a cleaning agreement with us, we guarantee that the expected standard will always be delivered to the agreed time.


In August, Black Work was nominated for three awards at the annual television industry’s annual festival and won the award “Big Character of the Year” for its lovable and different main characters, Loveth and Collins. The reasoning thus read:

“Collins and Loveth are the great characters of the year because they, with their straightforward openness, give us an insight into a Danish reality, as most of us read only in the newspapers and on the discussion pages: The reality as an immigrant in Denmark. And at the same time, in the series, an amazing portrait of a workplace with Collins and Loveth is drawn up as employers and entrepreneurs on good and evil. In the two beautiful people we meet the stranger and the known at once – and it is unique. “


DR2 series “Black Work” won the TV award in the “Best-rated Series” category at the Danish TV Festival 2014.

“This year’s BEST CHARACTERISTICS SERIES was discussed with a smile. You are just in the mood of being in the television company with these big characters. Sweet and sympathetic they let us come close to their, in television contexts, unconventional environment. They try to get work and love to go together while we are in. Last but not least, they have enough manners to tell us Danes what they think, and to a degree, so that one must exclaim: We Loveth (love it)! A big congratulations on WORLDWORK. “

The founders of PerfektService.dk

Loveth Idahosa Omokaro

Loveth Idahosa Omokaro

Collins Omokaro

Collins Omokaro


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