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When you click on the website collects information about you.

Below you can read about the information collected, including how the information is processed, what they are used to who has access to the information and who you can contact if you have questions or objections regarding the collected information. collects information about you in two ways:

  • Using cookies
  • By giving yourself information about purchasing services or signing up for newsletters



What is cookies?
The first time you visit the website, you automatically receive one or more cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored in your web browser (for example, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.), which registers as a unique user. Cookies make it easier to use the Internet because you do not always have to start over again. In other words, the site may use a cookie to remember information about your preferences. For example, it’s a cookie that does not require you to log in to a site, such as every time you visit.

What do we use cookies for?
Cookies help tell us about your visit.

To determine who visits, we use cookies to lead demographic and user-related statistics. Here we gather information about how long you visit the website, which sections and how many articles you read, whether your computer has visited us before which browser and operating system you are using, IP numbers, which ads you see, etc. In this way, We ensure that you not only see the same banner ads over and over, while at the same time striving for ads that may interest you.

How long do we store cookies?
The cookies sent to you will be stored on your device for a varied number of months from the last time you were in service. Every time you visit a website, the period is extended. The cookies in question are automatically deleted after their expiration. You can read below how to delete these cookies.


Individual information

What is personal information? asks for your personal and user-related information, for example, signing up for newsletters, competitions, etc. It is primarily information such as name, address, postal code, e-mail, gender and age, but may also be information about interests, knowledge of etc. In connection with purchase or sign up for a service, mandatory information is clearly marked on the form. The delivery of other information in connection with the purchase or subscription to a service is voluntary.

How long do we keep personal information?
When you purchase services on a website, we need your personal information as documentation until the service is paid and delivered, a possible cancellation deadline has expired and the deadline for payments has expired. Then the information can be archived. Three years after filing, all personal data will be deleted from

What do we use personal information for?
The personal information we collect about you when you, for example. Creates a profile on, primarily used to complete the service that the information was collected for. In addition, the information is used by and collaborators to get a better knowledge of you. This use may include Include surveys and analyzes aimed at improving our products, services and technologies, as well as displaying content and advertisements tailored to your interests and hobbies.

The information will not be disclosed to third parties unless you give separate acceptance to it or the Personal Data Act, exceptionally, allows the disclosure of general customer information.

If you have consented to receive direct marketing with news and offers, etc., we may also use the collected information to target the marketing you receive by phone, letter or electronic media.

Keep in mind that any information you provide – including personally identifiable information – in a public forum such as an online debate, is not covered by this Privacy Policy and may be viewed by third parties who have nothing to do with We therefore recommend that you carefully consider what information you provide when using these.

Protection of personal data
According to the Personal Data Act, your personal information must be kept safe and confidential. However, we can not guarantee 100% security for data transfers over the Internet. This means that there is a risk that other unauthorized persons gain access to information when data is sent and stored electronically. Please be aware that you provide your personal information at your sole discretion.

Changes in the processing of personal data
The rapid development of the Internet means that changes in our processing of personal data may become necessary. We therefore reserve the right to update and modify these Privacy Policy. If we do, we will of course change the date of “last updated” at the bottom of the page. In case of significant changes, we will notify you in the form of a visible notice on our websites.


If you would like access to the information registered with you at, please contact or phone 23722628. If you have found incorrect data or have any other objections, please contact the same place. You have the opportunity to gain insight into what information is registered about you and you may object to a registration in accordance with the rules of the Personal Data Act.

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