Business cleaning in Aarhus and region

Poor cleaning makes employees sick. We will arrange the cleaning for you.
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Carpet cleaning

Blankets should be nice and clean and especially blankets that are free in a bevelled area may require a loving cleaning after various dirty shoes have been over them.

Business cleaning

Your company is doing the best if it radiates purity. It symbolizes a clear vision and gives your customers a sense of confidence that you are professional. We manage to get the whole company spotlessly clean from basement to twig.

Garden service

Few garden ready for use. Disposal of garden waste, cutting of hedges, lawn mowing, wood felling, weed control, sweeping, snow removal and salting of pavements and garbage disposal.

Window cleaning

Whatever windows you have, you'll always get the best experience so you can see again as far as the eye goes. We give your apartment, your home or your business a clear view of all your surroundings. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the good view.

Public institutions

We take care of cleaning at municipalities, schools, police and fire stations and other public bodies.

Party cleaning

Get cleaned and cleaned after a party. We are cleaning after birthdays, weddings, a wild polterabend, a baby baptism, after the confirmation party, after company events and even at discotheques.

Stairway cleaning

Let residents come home to clean stairs. We vacuum clean and wash stairs in apartments, rental homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, schools, companies, colleges and all other places where stairs are needed for cleaning.

Moving cleaning

Are you moving in or out? We clean both on moving and moving away, so you can concentrate on the relocation itself. We know how important it is that it's top clean so you can get the most of your deposit back on relocation or a comfortable and fragrant move. That's why we go out in all the hooks.

Office cleaning

A clean office creates peace of mind, giving motivation to being creative and accomplishing something big. We clean office space - big and small - and get all screens, computers and desktops to appear fresh every time your employees meet in the office.

Store cleaning

Your store should appear clean to your customers. Secondly, you should enjoy yourself and, on the other hand, your customers must feel safe. The first impression your visitors get is often - quite unaware - whether there is a clean store. Let's make sure your guests feel comfortable in a clean environment.


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