Terms of conditions

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1. Responsibility

Trading at PerfektService.dk can only take place if the user agrees with the terms and conditions that apply to trading at PerfektService.dk. To shop at PerfektService.dk, the customer must be 18 years old.

2. Order Confirmation and Contract

Upon completion of the order, the customer receives a cleaning agreement confirming the agreement between the customer and PerfektService.dk.

3. Price

All prices are in Danish kroner (DKK) and are inclusive of VAT.

4. Payment

Payment at PerfektService.dk can be done either in cash (after work done), by bank transfer or through Viabill. By bank transfer, the money must be transferred to: Basisbank Reg. No. 1671 Account No. 0001483668

5. Cleaning and window cleaning

When cleaning and window cleaning, the housing and any window frames must be cleaned and ready for cleaning. If this is not the case, an additional fee will be charged for additional work.

6. Cleaning products

The customer sets himself cleaners, etc. available as this reduces the risk of allergy. If this is not possible, however, PerfektService.dk can (with an additional charge of 15, - per time) bring your own cleaners to your home.

7. Service beyond the agreed

If the customer wishes our assistant to provide a service beyond the agreed, this must be notified and approved by PerfektService.dk.

8. Subscription

For subscription solutions such as cleaning weekly or cleaning every 14 days, our subscription terms are accepted upon the conclusion of the agreement.

9. Cancellation

Cancellations from the customer must be made at least 2 days before the agreed cleaning, otherwise the customer will pay for the agreed number of hours. Inquiries after 5 PM are considered as received the following day as the office closes at. 5 PM (4 PM on Fridays). In case of acute disease, this must be announced the day before 5:00 pm if the customer wishes to cancel cleaning, otherwise the customer will pay for the agreed number of hours.

10. Change of cleaning day

Change of cleaning day must be at least one week before the agreed cleaning.

11. In case of holiday, illness etc.

If the customer's permanent cleaning assistant is on vacation is ill or otherwise inadmissible, the customer may be offered a replacement to take care of the cleaning instead. If the customer says no thanks to a replacement, the customer must pay for the agreed number of hours.

12. Replacement

In case of broken furniture we replace a similar item. Up to and up to a maximum of two months invoice amount will be paid in compensation.

13. Termination of contract

The contract concluded between the customer and PerfektService.dk can be terminated by the customer at any time. Please note that there is 1 month notice period. The customer can not cancel the agreed cleaning hours during the notice period.

14. To put the cleaning on hold

You can only put the cleaning on hold for 2 months - after which the notice period will take effect.

15. Special needs as well as disclaimer

Has the customer special floors, tiles etc. which requires special detergents or other equivalent, please inform the office of this to the office, otherwise we disclaim any responsibility for the damaged floor, broken tiles or the like.

16. Return policy

Customer has 14 days of withdrawal from the moment the customer purchases a service at A + Perfect Service. Once the customer has received our service, cleaning, window cleaning, etc., this right of withdrawal will expire immediately.

17. Giftcard

Gift certificates are issued with specific amounts that can be used on all service services from PerfektService.dk. The cards are paid in advance and are valid for three years from the date of delivery. There is no right of withdrawal for the purchase of gift cards and any remaining amounts are not paid and gift cards can not be exchanged for cash.

18. Complaints

If the customer is unsatisfied with the current assistant or his work, please inform PerfektService.dk so that we can handle the situation as soon as possible.

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