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Are the prices incl. or excl. VAT?

At prices are for private and for business incl. VAT.

What language do the cleaning assistants speak?

Most cleaning assistants can understand and speak English. We also have some assistants who speak and conduct Danish.

How do I change the agreed time?

Change of cleaning day must be at least one week before. Cancellations from the customer must be made at least 2 days before, otherwise the customer will pay for the agreed number of hours. Calls or e-mails after 5 PM are considered the day after we have closed at. 5 PM Monday to Thursday and at. 4 PM Friday.

Does need a key?

We prefer the customer to be home the first time we come to show the assistant around and possibly. here handing out a key so that we can be more flexible over time. Then, the customer is not required to be home when we arrive. It is also possible to make an agreement where the key is not handed in, for example, the customer closes the cleaning assistant every time.

Does PerfektService even have cleaners with?

When cleaning with a private person, the customer will take care of all detergents, reducing the risk of allergy. However, if you do not have this option, we can arrange to bring our own cleaning products at an additional cost of DKK 80, - per day. month.

Does PerfektService have a vacuum cleaner?

When cleaning with a private person, the customer himself provides a vacuum cleaner, floor mantle and bucket.

Will the cleaning assistant come on a certain day?

Yes, what weekday and what time best suits the customer, we find out.

Do I get a permanent cleaning assistant?

We make sure to send a permanent cleaning assistant every time you can greet the first time and possibly introduce to your home. However, we sometimes need to send a replacement, for example, if a permanent assistant is ill, on vacation or because of other serious reasons can not work. The customer will be informed if we need to send a replacement.

Should I be home when you come?

We prefer you to be at home the first time our cleaning assistant is coming out. First, to introduce your home and partly to hand in a key.

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