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Carpet cleaning

Blankets should be nice and clean and especially blankets that are free in a bevelled area may require a loving cleaning after various dirty shoes have been over them.

Private cleaning

There is nothing as good as coming home to a clean house or apartment where everything just shines and smells beautifully clean. We make clean with private while you are at work, at school or out of travel, so you can enjoy a clean home when you return.

Garden service

Few garden ready for use. Disposal of garden waste, cutting of hedges, lawn mowing, wood felling, weed control, sweeping, snow removal and salting of pavements and garbage disposal.

Window cleaning

Whatever windows you have, you'll always get the best experience so you can see again as far as the eye goes. We give your apartment, your home or your business a clear view of all your surroundings. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the good view.

Summer house cleaning

Should you have cleaned the cottage completely so that it is ready for spring? Are new tenants (change of ownership) or owners (ownership) to meet with clean and fragrant surroundings, or just want to get aired, cleaned up and cleaned? We make your summer house 100% summer holiday.

Party cleaning

Get cleaned and cleaned after a party. We are cleaning after birthdays, weddings, a wild polterabend, a baby baptism, after the confirmation party, after company events and even at discotheques.

Stairway cleaning

Let residents come home to clean stairs. We vacuum clean and wash stairs in apartments, rental homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, schools, companies, colleges and all other places where stairs are needed for cleaning.

Moving cleaning

Are you moving in or out? We clean both on moving and moving away, so you can concentrate on the relocation itself. We know how important it is that it's top clean so you can get the most of your deposit back on relocation or a comfortable and fragrant move. That's why we go out in all the hooks.

Craftsman cleaning

We all know it - cleaning is not in the craft for craftsmen. Let the craftsmen do what they do best and let us come back afterwards. In this way, you will be able to prepare the installations and improvements needed while returning to absolute clean facilities.

Cleaning of the estate

We condole. A dead house is not an easy matter. Do not let the memories take on the psyche. We clean and clean up the estate with waste disposal and furniture as well as total cleaning of the entire estate.


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